MAV’S TECH offer several computer repair services for your home or office


  • Screen repair
  • Hardware upgrade
  • Emergency departure
  • System problem
  • Clean up dust and dirt build-up
  • Update Windows with the latest security patches
  • Update your antivirus, antispyware, firewall and other security programs
  • Explain how to maintain your system
  • Explain how to avoid reinfecting your computer
  • Provide a FREE antivirus program to protect you
  • Basic internal cleaning
  • Remote repair
  • Password reset

Computer optimization, virus removal and performance restoration. 65 $

Are you bothered by computer infections and performance problems?

We’ll perform complete virus and malware removal, repair the operating system, install all updates and install free antivirus software to protect you in the future. But more than that, we can remove dangerous software known to exploit your computer and operating system. This includes a thorough cleaning of filters, electronics and cooling fans to prevent future overheating problems.

We’ll also perform a performance analysis and optimize your computer for faster start-up and operation.

Hard disk upgrade $35

We’ll clone your existing hard drive onto a new, larger one (you can supply or additional parts). We’ll install and make sure the computer boots with the new drive. Does not include the above tune-up.

Reformat system and reinstall $60

We’ll reformat your existing hard drive and reinstall the operating system, all device drivers, install all updates and service packs. We’ll install the latest 5 basic software versions you require.

As above, but with $90 backups.

We’ll perform all the steps involved in reformatting the system, but will also attempt to back up and recover e-mails and user files from the « My Documents » directory. Data backups from other locations performed at additional charge. Data recovery depends on a number of factors, not least of which is the condition of the disk being backed up. In the event of extreme disk failure, the disk may need to be sent for enhanced recovery techniques. This would be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Full diagnostic $20

A complete diagnosis of your system to determine the source of the problem. This fee is applied to the cost of repair if you continue.

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Let Mav's Tech Take Care Of Your IT Problems

Let Mav’s Tech Take Care Of Your IT Problems

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